ForgInk Dance 蛙之舞

Frogking Kwok takes a different attitude to art. Anytime, anyplace, any dimension, there is art. He create art in any form, anytime, anywhere.

Rare, high price usually associated with auction and art piece. Even himself may take it confused or absurd. Why a piece of paper can be marked such a crazy dollar value, he said.

His works are logical or aesthetically good, more than good looking. Designer make no complain on space and visual principle. Chinese painting expert did appraise his position of chops and signature. Flying everywhere, yet reasonably appropriate.

Kwok’s power ( 功力), as he said, dated back to 50 years of exercise and hardworking. Non stop development of brush and internal power. I prefer to say his eye and mind coordinate precisely that works come out in such a good harmony.

We have been trained / tinted into such a sophisticated level; our eye would reject any unreasonable position of graphic object into a designated square space. We feel absurd when the works come out wrong. Yet, we feel comfortable with Frogking’s exercise pieces. Signed and done.

After 50 years, works still shine bright. We are proud to keep it, whatever type.






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